PRODUCTION UPDATE: The Milspin factory is fully functional and running production on all parts! We may appear to be a larger company than we are, but in reality we are only a team of 10 people. We are taking all the precautions possible to ensure our team remains safe and healthy during these tough times. Fortunately for our customers, no one will leave. We appreciate your patience and business, and are working our hardest to provide the highest quality customer service and products that you have all come to expect. THANK YOU!

Solid metal everything. No plastic, no imports, no whining; we are Marines turned engineers turned machinists, and we founded this company to redefine the meaning of heavy duty. Welcome to Milspin.

Chet & Dane Peters (Brothers - Recon Marines - Machinists)

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Slide Back Plates

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Excellent products.
Even more excellent customer service.
I recommend highly. 

Bill S.

Great craftsmanship and made in the USA! Highly recommend these guys

Shane T.

I couldn’t be happier with the products I have received from Milspin. Awesome products and even more awesome customer service! My favorite company to work with!! 

Holly D.

No plastic. No imports. No whining.