Getting your hands on a Glock back plate is an incredible way to add a personal touch to your firearm. You can secure a ready-made slide plate for a Glock or go all out by designing a custom Glock back plate to make your firearm extra special. From sleek and stylish to hardcore and edgy, MILSPIN has a design for everyone. Don’t settle for the standard; set yourself apart with a custom back plate.

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Reasons to Buy a Custom Slide Plate for a Glock

A standard Glock back plate that comes with your firearm is fine, but who wants to settle for fine when you can make it even better?

A custom Glock back plate like this MILSPIN Tri-Color USA Flag Slide Back Plate will set your firearm apart and give it a unique appearance.

Purchasing a slide plate for a Glock will also help you make a statement with your firearm. Whether you would like to let others know you served in the U.S. military or try to get a chuckle out of people by putting a funny saying like "Yeet Cannon" on your Glock, you can showcase your personality by creating a custom back plate for your firearm.

Ordering a Custom Glock Back Plate From MILSPIN

At MILSPIN, we believe in providing you with a superior product. We make our custom Glock back plates and magazine base plates at our metal fabrication shop in Columbus, OH. We utilize deep CNC-milled or lasered engravings to create both our own designs and designs our customers want to see. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line fiber lasers and high-quality CNC machines to ensure we can provide people with the best Glock back plates possible.

We invite you to check out the back plates MILSPIN has available here or start the process of designing your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Glock back plate do?

Glock back plates attach directly to the back of the slides on Glocks and retains the firing pin assembly within the slide.

Will it be difficult to replace a slide plate for a Glock?

If you’ve never replaced the slide plate located on a Glock, you might be under the impression that taking your existing one off and putting a new one in its place could be a tall task. But you should be able to slide the plate you have now right off so that you can replace it with a custom Glock back plate in a matter of just a minute or two. View our installation video for reference.

Is it worth investing in a personalized slide plate for your Glock?

A customized slide plate isn’t going to change the way your firearm functions, but it does make your firearm stand out from the rest. It’s a conversation starter at the range, an easy way to identify your Glock at a glance, and a great way to show off what’s important to you.


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