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MILSPIN Kubatons

The “instrument of attitude adjustment” of choice for simple EDC is the kubaton—and MILSPIN’s commitment to quality craftsmanship means you’ll never be left defenseless. With this uniqueself-defense keychain, you can navigate your surroundings safely and with confidence. Why might you use a kubaton for self-defense? In applications where it doesn’t make sense (or it isn’t legal) to carry a firearm, this EDC tool can provide a blunt force option for self-defense. It’s a simple, effective, and even stylish tool for self-defense gurus coast to coast.

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Kubatons for Self-Defense

Not sure how to use it? Here are some tips from the pros:

  • Keep it close to you—on a keychain or inside your boot, for instance. Quick access is key in a self-defense scenario.
  • Study vulnerable areas of the human body ahead of time and learn where to strike so you’re prepared for any situation. 
  • Practice makes perfect: check out our complete guide to become an expert yourself.

If you’re in the market for a self-defense keychain, skip low-quality plastic products made in far-flung factories: choose MILSPIN instead. All of our products are made from superior-quality metals, and our designs are second to none.

MILSPIN: The American Metal Company

Why choose MILSPIN? Because we’re proud to make products by Americans for Americans. Founded by two USMC Recon Marines, MILSPIN is dedicated to embodying the values of old-fashioned American manufacturing and machining: excellent design, quality workmanship, and care for users.

Whether you’re looking for upgrades like our Glock back plates or accessories like metal morale patches, you’re guaranteed to find top-quality products in our inventory: items you simply won’t find anywhere else on today’s market. If you’re looking for reliability and quality, MILSPIN is here to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kubaton used for?

You can use a kubaton for self defense to:

  • Harden your fist: just grip the stick and throw a punch for extra impact
  • Jab vulnerable points on an attacker, like the neck and behind the knees
  • Turn a keyring into a flailing weapon

Kubatons are multi-purpose and simple: hallmarks of any excellent self-defense tool.

Is it legal to have a kubaton?

While you should review your state and local laws carefully, these tools are largely legal across the US. This is one of the many reasons why they’re such a great backup weapon for people who typically conceal firearms for everyday protection: if you’re traveling to a state without reciprocity or want to protect yourself in a situation when carrying a firearm might not be legal (some states don’t allow firearms in bars, for instance), the kubaton is a perfect alternative.

Are self-defense keychains allowed on planes?

Many self-defense keychains are not going to pass with the TSA. We advise putting these items in your checked luggage just to be safe.

Veteran Crafted in the USA

Milspin is on a mission to hire skilled labor veterans to craft the finest metal products on earth. All Milspin products come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.