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Milspin CHAOS Bar Door Entry Tool

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Easily Access Locked Doors: The Milspin Chaos Bar Firefighter Tool allows quick and easy access to locked doors in both residential and commercial settings. This tool is designed specifically for fire and EMS professionals as well as building maintenance personnel.

The Ultimate Entry Tool

The CHAOS Bar can be utilized to access a variety of secured doors in both residential and commercial settings, ideal for first responder, EMS, and maintenance professionals.

There are numerous types and styles of doors that you may encounter, all requiring certain tools for effective entry, but the CHAOS Bar incorporates the tools that are necessary for effective entry into 90%+ doors you encounter.

Non-Destructive Door Entry

The CHAOS Bar is designed to prevent unnecessary damage when accessing secured entry ways without compromising speed and efficiency.

Crafted from high-grade 14-gauge powder-coated steel, it balances lightweight portability with enduring durability, capable of withstanding demanding environments without sacrificing performance. Backed by a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee, every Chaos Bar ensures customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Extremely Effective

The Milspin Chaos Bar is engineered to swiftly access locked doors in residential and commercial spaces. Tailored for fire and EMS professionals, and building maintenance personnel, it guarantees reliable performance in critical situations.

Outperforming competitors, the Chaos Bar prioritizes functionality over superficial sleekness. Its L-shaped design offers optimal leverage and grip strength, ensuring efficient entry in diverse scenarios without compromising critical functionality.

Focused on non-destructive entry, the Chaos Bar minimizes damage while maintaining speed and efficiency, providing peace of mind in accessing secured entryways.

Customer Reviews

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Geoff Ables
Will come in handy

milspin is a great company! I have bought several items from their online store and have been very happy. its a guarantee their products are heavy duty, durable and legit. so I am not a firefighter, emt, or police as the chaos bar is designed for. however, I am a father of two children who have a tendency to lock us out of the house by accident. they are also prone to losing spare keys I hide, so its only a matter of time before I need to use this to get back in. after the bar arrived I realized it won't work on any interior doors without causing damage. I would recommend this for any homeowners. it sure beats a locksmith or repairing a smashed window

Steve Stein
Versatile Tool

The tool is simple but effective. Several features are packed into this L shape to help with access on many different doors, mostly this is for commercial and office locations. Will not work on doors that have door jams around in the casing. Its made out of thick enough steel that with force can move the jam if needed. For building maintenance it will be nice to have in the bag before actually needing one in an emergency. Lots of other options could be packed onto this design to make it more of a multi tool. It already has 90 degree corners as a make shift speed square, ruler markings, keychain lanyard etc. Maybe for a redesign. As is it works without compromise.

Well made, solid, yet thin

This works well, the shapes are just right, and the steel is solid and tough despite being thin.
In my testing this isn't always going to work in every situation depending on the door, but it is a good tool to have and is well made.
On the doors that do work, it works very well.
This is definitely worth having in your bug out kit or car for emergencies.

Another High Quality, Made in USA Product

Another high quality, made in USA product by Milspin. Can't get enough of this company. Customer Service and custom Product Designers are a cut above the rest. Keep up the great work!


Another quality piece of equipment from these guys. Used it 30min after receiving it. Works perfect and is heavy duty. Showed it to all my coworkers. Love their products.

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