Weighted Glock Magazine Base Plate

If you're looking to give your Glock a badass makeover and take full control of it like a true pro, you should invest in a weighted Glock magazine base plate. These base plates are thick and heavy-duty, giving your Glock the tough upgrade it deserves. With these base plates, you'll not only look like a total boss, but you'll also have better grip and handling. Don't settle for ordinary; level up your game with these weighted base plates today!

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Benefits of Buying a Weighted Base Plate for a Glock

If you’re ready to amp up the style and performance of your firearm, consider starting with a weighted Glock magazine base plate. When you buy a weighted base plate like the MILSPIN "Beef Jones" Weighted Mag Base Plate, you’re giving your firearm a beefier look.

Base plates like the Weighted Brass X-Carve Mag Base Plate also help you maintain control of your firearm thanks to the added weight and can also improve reload speeds. The extra weight can even help you manage the recoil, all while making sure your firearm always looks cool.

Why Buy a Weighted Glock Mag Base Plate from MILSPIN?

Unlike many stores that have gotten into the habit of using cheap, Chinese-imported products that are often mass-produced and lacking in quality assurance, MILSPIN makes all our products at our metal fabrication shop in Columbus, OH using a blend of powerful, top-of-the-line tools and machines. When you shop with us, you’re getting deep, high-quality engravings designed and made by veterans.

At MILSPIN, we offer a slew of weighted Glock mag base plates that might be right for your firearm. We invite you to shop around for the right one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do weighted Glock magazine base plates weigh?

Every weighted Glock magazine base plate that we sell at MILSPIN is a slightly different weight, so it’ll be important for you to find the one that you will feel comfortable using. An option like the MILSPIN Coyote Tan "Beef Jones" Weighted Mag Base Plate, for example, is 0.2 pounds.

Do I really need a weighted base plate for my Glock?

Not everyone is going to love the way a Glock mag base plate feels when they install it, and that’s OK! But before you decide against investing in one, you should see how one feels when you put it in place since it could make a huge difference in how your Glock looks and feels when you use it, and can even help with maintaining control.

Is it difficult to install a weighted Glock mag base plate?

Installing a weighted Glock magazine base plate is so easy to do, even if you haven’t ever done it before. It should only take you a few minutes to remove your current base plate and install your new one. We would recommend you purchase a Mag Plate Removal Tool along with a weighted base plate to make the installation process simpler.


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