Milspin Cujo Muzzle Device


Introducing the Milspin Cujo Muzzle Device, a collaborative masterpiece by Milspin and OP 1 Industries, two renowned manufacturing companies both owned by multiple special operations Reconnaissance Marines. The Cujo is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding shooting scenarios.

Combining three crucial functions into one innovative design, the Cujo is a true game-changer. First and foremost, it features a highly effective flash suppressor, ensuring minimal muzzle flash even in low-light conditions. This enhances visibility and helps maintain focus on the target, allowing for swift and accurate follow-up shots.

The integrated muzzle rise compensator effectively counters muzzle climb during rapid-fire sequences. With this feature, you can keep your sights on target and experience significantly reduced vertical recoil, maximizing your shooting speed and precision.

To further enhance control and stability, the Cujo incorporates a recoil brake with 0.75" square inches of horizontal flats on both sides of the device. This brake effectively mitigates recoil forces, minimizing muzzle movement and allowing for quicker target reacquisition. Experience reduced muzzle flip and enjoy improved shooting comfort, whether you're engaged in competitive shooting, tactical operations, or recreational shooting.

Precision-crafted from 4140 Tool steel, the Cujo guarantees outstanding durability and reliability in the face of rigorous use. Machined with meticulous attention to detail on a 6 Axis Swiss Lathe, it meets the highest standards of quality and performance. The addition of a Black Nitride coating ensures excellent corrosion resistance, further prolonging the lifespan of this exceptional device.

Prepare for smoother shooting, improved control, and enhanced accuracy. Trust in the expertise of special operations Reconnaissance Marine owned manufacturing companies to deliver the pinnacle of performance in your firearms accessories.

For 5.56mm and .223cal rifle barrels

Threads: 1/2 - 28

Material: 4140 Tool Steel

Coating: Black Nitride

Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.0" 

$0.00 USD