Glock Mag Extension

Buying a Glock mag extension for your firearm is an excellent way to add a few extra rounds to the magazine. Many give you a little more space to grip the weapon, and investing in a magazine extension for a Glock is an excellent option for personalization. MILSPIN offers a wide range of Glock magazine base plates and extenders. We also offer customization for many of our mag extensions.

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Benefits of  Magazine Extensions for a Glock

When you purchase a Glock mag extension like the MILSPIN +2 Capacity 43X/48 Magazine Extension, there are obvious benefits. In addition to a customized appearance, you’ll also have a few extra rounds in your magazine, giving you a few more critical rounds before needing a reload. Capacity magazine extensions also have some additional benefits.

For example, magazine extensions provide you with a little extra finger space to grip the weapon. It’ll also add weight to a magazine so it’s smoother and quicker to remove when empty.

Why Choose MILSPIN

At MILSPIN, we make our products right in our metal fabrication shop in Columbus, OH. We specialize in providing custom and unique slide back plates and magazine plates using deep CNC-milled or lasered engravings to bring the designs to life. Unlike all of our competitors that use low-powered, Chinese-imported lasers to barely etch their products, we utilize a combination of high-powered, state-of-the-art fiber lasers and multi-axis CNC machines to create engravings unlike anything on the market.

No matter which option you go with, rest assured knowing a Glock mag extension from MILSPIN will look incredible, but most importantly, never fail you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Glock magazine extension do?

A magazine extension is a firearm accessory that can be used to add extra rounds to a standard magazine. It can also be utilized to increase surface area for improved grip, especially for larger hands.

Are magazine extensions worth it?

In a self-defensive or duty situation every second and every round counts. Increasing the amount of ammunition you have before needing to reload is always a win. Gun owners appreciate that Glock mag extenders help with grip ergonomics, increased firepower, and the added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing.

A poorly designed and manufactured magazine extension can be catastrophic in real-life situations. You need to be sure you are running a reliable, battle-tested extension. MILSPIN’s magazine extensions are tried and true and are increasingly becoming the exclusive authorized extensions for police departments and military units around the country.


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Veteran Crafted in the USA

Milspin is on a mission to hire skilled labor veterans to craft the finest metal products on earth. All Milspin products come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.