The founders of MILSPIN

We are MILSPIN, often referred to as the American metal company. We’re a Veteran-owned firearm accessories business founded by brothers Chet and Dana Peters in 2017.

We run MILSPIN out of a small fabrication shop in Columbus, OH. We’ve carved out a niche for our company by creating high-quality CNC-milled products like our slide back plates and magazine plates, as well as paperweight brass knuckles and other tools, for American patriots.

The MILSPIN founders hunting as children

High-Quality Products Made in the USA

Manufacturing isn’t dead in the United States of America. It isn’t even dying like some people suggest. Americans are simply tired of the mass-produced, low-quality crap that has been flooding store shelves for decades. These products are often shipped to our shores from factories in countries like China, and a large number of them have never been touched by human hands.

MILSPIN has set out to reverse this trend by designing and manufacturing products made in the USA with care. We’ve shown our customers we’re more than willing to stand behind our products with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. We also seek to honor our Veterans and those in law enforcement, donating a portion of our annual revenue from special collections to organizations like Save A Warrior®.

Magazine base plate with St. Michael

Our Personalized Gun Accessories Are Second to None

At MILSPIN, the American metal company, we love working with metal. We also value designing and manufacturing high-quality products personalized with deep CNC-milled engravings. From simple text to an image of your child’s handwriting, we can put almost anything you want on our gun accessories.

When we aren’t coming up with elegant and detailed designs and burning through metal in our fabrication shop, we do many of the same things you do, like hunting, fishing, hiking, shooting, drinking beer, and thinking about burning through more metal. Producing high-quality products is a true labor of love for us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our process or the firearm accessories we sell. We will respond ASAP, and that’s a promise.

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