Whether you’re headed to happy hour or catching your kid’s first school talent show, there are some situations when you might have to leave your pistol behind. But if you can’t pack heat, you can still pack a punch—enter our collection of EDC pocket tools.

From kubatons to pry bars to utility knives, MILSPIN has everything you need to feel safe on the go (even if your pistol is in the safe at home). Plus, they’re all American-made from the highest quality materials on the market.

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EDC Self-Defense Tools

While all of our EDC pocket tools are appropriate for self-defense, most of them are multi-purpose:

  • A kubaton can harden your fist and break your car window if you need to escape in an emergency.
  • A pry bar can help you wedge open a stuck car door or adjust an assailant’s attitude. 
  • A utility knife can cut open cardboard boxes at work or cut open—you get the idea.

When you need an EDC arsenal for every occasion, MILSPIN is here to help.

MILSPIN: The American Metal Company

While browsing our collection of EDC pocket tools you might notice a few common themes. All of our products are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Handcrafted by Veterans
  • Designed by trained engineers
  • Machined from American-made, durable metals

Plus, we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee for all of our products. Sound like we do things a little differently? It’s because we do. Read more about our philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are EDC pocket tools?

At the basic level, EDC stands for everyday carry and includes everything you will take with you on a daily basis. This can be everything from your keys and wallet to your phone or a handgun. “EDC” is commonly used to refer to the items you most want with you in the types of emergencies you’re most likely to face in daily life.

When we refer to EDC pocket tools, we’re talking about self-defense or survival items you can fit in your pocket, like the kubaton or a utility knife.

What’s in the ideal EDC kit?

This is a loaded question—some people prefer that all of their EDC items are carried on their person while others load up their truck box with flares and a camp stove. 

Your EDC kit should include anything you’ll need when shit hits the fan. If you’re an “everything has to fit in my pockets” person, that might look like a self-defense tool, your phone, and a lighter. If you’re a person who wants to stuff the truck box, you might benefit from a few ratchet straps and a first-aid kit (and maybe some zip ties, a crossbow, some cordage…you get the idea).

Can I take all of these items on a plane? What about when I pick up my kids from school?

State and municipal laws vary, so we recommend checking your local regulations to make sure you’re in compliance before toting any of our EDC tools around town. 

As far as flying goes, we recommend putting sensitive items in your checked bag to avoid any dust-ups with the TSA.

Veteran Crafted in the USA

Milspin is on a mission to hire skilled labor veterans to craft the finest metal products on earth. All Milspin products come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.