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Milspin Aluminum Kubaton


Guaranteed to cause immense displeasure to your aggressor.

The hefty 5" aluminum "Instrument of Attitude Adjustment" by Milspin.

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum on our state-of-the-art CNC mills with a flawless surface finish, the Milspin Kubaton is what's missing from your EDC. Keys, wallet, phone, CC, and last but not least, Milspin Kubaton. For use in self defense against those that don't quite warrant the hassle of a defense attorney. Apply as a striking tool or pressure point focal device.

Dimensions: .4" x .4" x 5"

Weight: 2.4 oz.

Material: Aircraft grade aluminum

Features a combined 45 degree chamfer and a paracord lanyard. Top and bottom faces are finished with an astounding 0.005" per tooth feed rate. Lifetime guarantee, no questions asked, as with ALL Milspin products.


Milspin Aluminum Kubaton

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