Metal Morale Patches

When you’re looking for the perfect addition to your range backpack, hat, or go-to jacket, metal patches open up a world of possibilities. MILSPIN’s collection of velcro morale patches are so much more than an accessory—they can show off your patriotism, offer a personalized tribute, or add a touch of humor to your favorite garments and tactical wear. If you have a design in mind, we can make it a reality: shop our American-made metal patches below.

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Velcro Morale Patches for Patriots

Simply put, showing your patriotic pride—your dedication to supporting and protecting the best country in the world—is more important than ever. But, some settings call for a more subtle touch than a loud and proud t-shirt; this is where metal patches really shine. Simply stick one onto a velcro surface to showcase your unbridled American pride.

MILSPIN: The Home of High-Quality, American-Made Products

When it comes to apparel shopping, you’ve probably come to expect the worst: cheap Chinesium that won’t hold up to one spin cycle, not to mention a range day or a hunting trip. At MILSPIN, we’re bringing back the good old-fashioned American craftsmanship that put this country on the map: all of our CNC-milled metal products are made right here in the USA from American materials. Want to learn more about our mission? Check out our story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these patches last?

Yes, our metal patches are designed to last. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. Material quality – MILSPIN’s patches are made from high-quality metals that can withstand the elements. You won’t find any cheap, thin metals that simply won’t hold up to the rigors of your rugged lifestyle. 
  2. Craftsmanship quality—Poorly engraved or enameled products simply won’t keep their fine lines or fresh colors for long. We take our craft seriously: our approach to metalworking centers around quality and durability.
  3. Care – Of course, you’ll have to take good care of your metal items to keep them looking their best. Wiping off residue and water or swiping your metal patch with gun oil can help maintain its shine long-term.
How thick are MILSPIN velcro morale patches?

These patches are made with 20-gauge metal plates—that’s 1/16” in Freedom Units.

Are patches velcro?

Our metal patches are attached to die-cut velcro with industrial-grade rivets. Between the tried-and-true durability of velcro and our high-quality metal craftsmanship, you can trust these patches to stay put.

Veteran Crafted in the USA

Milspin is on a mission to hire skilled labor veterans to craft the finest metal products on earth. All Milspin products come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.