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Milspin premium metal products manufactured in the USAMilspin premium metal products manufactured in the USA
5 Slide Back Plates That Show Your Patriotism: Patriotic Ideas for EDC

5 Slide Back Plates That Show Your Patriotism: Patriotic Ideas for EDC

MILSPIN We The People Slide Back Plate for Glock


When it comes to patriotic accessories, you simply can’t go wrong with a slide back plate for your everyday carry pistol—because there’s nothing more American than customizing your firearm with patriotic swag.

But in today’s firearms accessory market, how can you achieve your patriotic ideas for accessorizing without wasting your money on poor-quality and imported products that aren’t going to last? Our EDC customization aficionados are here to help. 

We’ve compiled just a few of the best high-quality, American-made, and patriotically inclined back plates on the market today—like the CNC-engraved We The People back plate above. We’ll also dive into a few FAQs about back plates to help you find your perfect product and install it with ease. Let’s dive in.

#1 Classic Flag Back Plate

MILSPIN American Flag Slide Back Plate for Glock


Let’s start with a clear-cut recommendation: a back plate bearing the good ol’ stars and stripes. As patriotic accessories go, this one is a clear winner. But the best part is the wide variety of design options, some of which include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Black Cerakote on Stainless Steel
  • Green Cerakote on Brass
  • Red Cerakote on Stainless Steel

Simply put, this back plate offers something for every patriot.

#2 Thin Green Line Flag Back Plate

MILSPIN Thin Green Line Stainless Steel Slide Back Plate


While you may be familiar with the thin blue line and the thin red line, the thin green line is growing in prominence as a patriotic symbol—one that shows support for every branch of the US Armed Forces. 

This CNC engraved back plate offers a highly precise, 3D design that’s sure to catch your eye each time you visit the range or clean your trusty EDC pistol. Plus, it combines two of the hallmarks of any patriotic idea: the flag and recognition of America’s brave defenders.

#3 Great Seal of the United States Back Plate

MILSPIN Great Seal of the United States Back Plate for Glock


For patriots looking for a subtle but striking accessory, this back plate bearing the Great Seal of the United States is a must-have. 

Plus, it comes in multiple color and material options that could all complement your pistol’s stock parts or any aftermarket accessories you’ve already incorporated into your EDC weapon. There’s no need to settle for a color that doesn't suit you.

#4 Waving Flag Back Plate

MILSPIN Waving Flag Back Plate


What about a slightly more artistic take on the stars and stripes? Consider this waving flag back plate featuring a majestic, proud icon of freedom: the American flag rippling in the breeze.

As patriotic ideas go, this one is hard to beat—the back plate’s artistic rendering conjures images of spacious skies and enduring liberty.

#5 Eagle 3D Back Plate

Large Scale Eagle 3D Slide Back Plate - S&W


If you can’t resist undoubtedly patriotic symbols, then you’ll love this all-American back plate featuring a bald eagle and a flag backdrop

Available for various S&W models, this is the perfect accessory for anyone toting an EDC pistol who wants to show their national pride.

Back Plate FAQs

What Does a Back Plate Do?

While custom back plates are generally considered to be for visual appeal only, there are two potential advantages of adding one to your pistol:

  1. It can provide a visual lock that can direct your eye to the back of the slide (where you likely have a back sight positioned just above it). This is especially helpful for newcomers to shooting and EDC.
  2. Some back plates can make it easier to rack the slide by providing additional grip points. Functional designs like these are also particularly useful to new shooters, people with small hands, or anyone looking for additional maneuverability in high-stress scenarios (like home defense).

How Do I Change My Back Plate?

Changing your back plate is relatively simple. All you’ll need to do is:

  • Unload your pistol completely to ensure safe operation
  • Remove the stock back plate with a punch or small screwdriver
  • Hold any tensioned springs or pins in place
  • Slide the new back plate into position until you hear a positive click

You can read our full guide to back plate swaps for more in-depth instructions and tips.

What manufacturers do you offer back plates for?

MILSPIN offers a wide range of custom back plates for both Glock and S&W models. Whether you’re looking for a custom design, bespoke text, or both, MILSPIN is happy to help you bring your vision to life—especially if you have something patriotic in mind.

MILSPIN: The Home of Quality Patriotic Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a striking back plate for your pistol, self-defense tools, or swag, MILSPIN is your high-quality purveyor of patriotic products. But we do things a little differently than other aftermarket gun parts manufacturers: we’re committed to quality, customer service, and American values above all else. 

As a Veteran-led team, we know that reliability and durability are a must for every firearm application. That’s why all of our products are custom-milled from American-made materials by highly skilled craftsmen—many of whom have served our country themselves. 

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality products you can count on (and not cheap Chinesium from shady online stores), browse our collection and find your new favorite patriotic accessory.


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