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  • I saw you on Fox and Friends this morning. I came away wanting to get some items from you for me and my family. I have a Glock 19 gen IV and my son in law has a Colt 1911. I think there are similarities but not certain if a custom slide back plate is similar on the Colt. As I was thinking of Christmas gifts something else occurred to me.
    Your stainless coasters with army emblems might be a perfect addition. That same son-in-law of mine recently found his late uncle who died in WWII. His uncle was buried in France as an unknown soldier.
    Mark went through a lot time and challenges to confirm the correct ID of that unknown soldier. He was finally able to appropriate a military funeral for private John B. Cummings (His uncle) here in northern Wisconsin. His remains are now buried with his family where he belongs.
    I was hoping to discuss this briefly with one of your reps. I enjoyed the presentation the the brothers showed on Fox and Friends.
    Could I request a contact from you? My phone number is 715-356-3222.
    I look forward to placing my order and will need help with ideas.
    Thank you, Jeff

    Jeff Pirk

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