PRODUCTION UPDATE: The Milspin factory is fully functional and running production on all parts! We may appear to be a larger company than we are, but in reality we are only a team of 10 people. We are taking all the precautions possible to ensure our team remains safe and healthy during these tough times. Fortunately for our customers, no one will leave. We appreciate your patience and business, and are working our hardest to provide the highest quality customer service and products that you have all come to expect. THANK YOU!

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  • I saw you on Fox and Friends this morning. I came away wanting to get some items from you for me and my family. I have a Glock 19 gen IV and my son in law has a Colt 1911. I think there are similarities but not certain if a custom slide back plate is similar on the Colt. As I was thinking of Christmas gifts something else occurred to me.
    Your stainless coasters with army emblems might be a perfect addition. That same son-in-law of mine recently found his late uncle who died in WWII. His uncle was buried in France as an unknown soldier.
    Mark went through a lot time and challenges to confirm the correct ID of that unknown soldier. He was finally able to appropriate a military funeral for private John B. Cummings (His uncle) here in northern Wisconsin. His remains are now buried with his family where he belongs.
    I was hoping to discuss this briefly with one of your reps. I enjoyed the presentation the the brothers showed on Fox and Friends.
    Could I request a contact from you? My phone number is 715-356-3222.
    I look forward to placing my order and will need help with ideas.
    Thank you, Jeff

    Jeff Pirk

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