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Best Father’s Day Gun Gifts in 2024

Best Father’s Day Gun Gifts in 2024

If you ask the average American man what he loves, he’ll probably list three things: his country, his family, and his guns. While he’s already a proud member of the greatest country on Earth and blessed with a family as good as yours, he’ll never really be done growing and modifying his gun collection. There are always new accessories to get, new aftermarket parts to add, and new guns to try out.

But when it’s time to find the best Father’s Day gift for gun lovers, all those options can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re here. As two USMC Recon Marine Veterans, we know our firearm accessories — and we know exactly what Dad is hoping for this year. Let’s dive into the best Father’s Day gun gifts you can get him!

1. Slide Back Plates

slide back plate with Daddy Shark engraving

One of the best parts about owning your own weapon is the ability to customize it. And although he’s going to talk a lot about the latest scope he just added or show off his new grip, there are also aftermarket parts just designed to make his gun look cool. That’s where slide back plates come in.

Slide back plates are used to protect the striker, and they don’t really do much else than that. That makes an aftermarket one the perfect Father’s Day gun gift to make Dad’s gun a little more personal. Give him a Daddy Shark slide back plate to bring a little fun to his armory (and make sure you or the kids in the family sing the tune as you give it to him). If he’s a Veteran or still active duty personnel, a Military symbol from his branch would dedicate his gun to the same branch he dedicated his life to.

If you want to get him a Father’s Day gift for gun lovers that’s really unique, go with a 3D back plate! He can get everything from the patriotic American Eagle to a grinning Reaper in solid brass, carefully milled to have a shape he can feel with his thumb every time he draws his gun.

2. Magazine Base Plates

Magazine extension with Thin Blue Line magazine base plate

Like slide back plates, magazine base plates are a great Father’s Day gift for gun owners to make their guns a little more personal. For example, your dad will appreciate a custom text magazine base plate with his favorite quote or a personal message from you. If he’s a military man, you can get him a military base plate that represents his branch.

However, mag base plates aren’t just for aesthetics. This Father’s Day gun gift can also upgrade his magazine. Get a weighted mag base plate to make reloading faster and reduce his recoil. A window breaker base plate gives him an extra tool for emergency situations, like breaking out of a crashed car when the door is stuck.

If you want a base plate that’s both symbolic and functional, a Thin Blue Line plate with mag extension is perfect. It adds five rounds to his pistol’s capacity while showing his support for the Boys in Blue that keep our communities safe.

3. Gun Cleaning Mats

tan pistol on milspin gun cleaning mat

Your dad is responsible, and your Father’s Day gun gift should complement that. One of the most important parts of being a gun owner is regular maintenance. Most men make do with just a wiped-down table or workbench as their cleaning surface. Usually, that’s fine, but all it takes is a little dirt or grit that he missed getting on an internal part to make the whole cleaning session a waste of time.

That’s why MILSPIN’s Gun Cleaning Mat is a fantastic Father’s Day gun gift. Its smooth vulcanized rubber surface provides a safe place for Dad to put the pieces of his disassembled gun. Knowledge is power, which is why we include an exploded diagram of a Glock and a graphic featuring the three threats Americans face: terrorists, Nazis, and Communists. This mat ensures Dad will never question where to aim when facing down a threat.

4. Solid Brass Knuckles Paperweights

brass knuckles with Saint Michael engraved with text “Defend Us In Battle”

A Father’s Day gift for gun owners doesn’t have to be something explicitly related to guns. It can also be something that represents how truly badass he is. And what’s more badass than brass knuckles?

Brass knuckles paperweights are designed for the man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. No, these aren’t designed to be weapons — but they don’t need to be to send a message or get a conversation started. With engraved Saint Michael brass knuckles on Dad’s desk, anybody coming to his office knows he’s a protector of all he holds dear. If you want to give him a paperweight that has a practical purpose, get him a cassette brass knuckles paperweight that comes with a bottle opener. He can crack open a cold one while admiring all the other Father’s Day gun gifts he’s gotten.

Order Your Father’s Day Gun Gifts at MILSPIN

When you need quality Father’s Day gifts for gun owners, you come to MILSPIN. After we got sick and tired of low-quality parts coming from overseas, we got our own CNC milling and laser engraving machines to do it ourselves. Since 2017, we’ve been helping our fellow patriots get products they can rely on, from custom engraved slide back plates to hilarious gun mats. Check out our selection and make your Dad’s day on Father’s Day.

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