Using most of the modern features

The Polygon offers you the perfect first ride to get out of the city and into the wilderness .

Keep Up With The Pace

An electric friendship fueled by adventure! We connected with a longtime supporter and filmmaker Ben Moon and his.

Front Suspension

Electric friendship fueled by adventure! We connected with a longtime supporter and filmmaker Ben Moon and his.

Comfort Technology

Tires with a smoother tread or slicks generally offer lower rolling resistance, resulting in a more efficient ride.


The front derailleur is responsible for shifting the chain between the different front chainrings.

Badge heading

Downshift into adventure

We make bikes for every body shape – no matter how big or small your thighs might be.

The fine thread and comfortable size enable easy removal of even the toughest chain pins.
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⓵ Reflective Strips

Research your appliances and language capabilities to be sure the voice assistant you choose works with your household’s needs.

⓶ Wireless Lights

Every contact point has been refined to ensure every woman gets the most comfortable ride as possible. A wider saddle, shorter handle bars.

⓷ Hydraulic Brakes

Power CX 7 disc brakes offer consistent power in all conditions and will keep you in control no matter what is happen.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Product

Please read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

What happens if what I ordered is out of stock?

We do everything we can to fulfill orders quickly and unfortunately cannot make updates after an order has been placed. These changes include removing or adding products and/or changing the delivery address.

Do you have discount codes?

We will deliver products to you as soon as reasonably possible. Orders are usually dispatched between 1-3 days from the date of the order being placed.

Do I really need to wear a helmet when cycling?

Helmets are extremely important when riding and should always be worn during cycling. They protect your head from any injuries and studies have shown that helmets significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.

Do I really need bike-specific clothing?

Cycling shoes are also a great investment for serious cycling as they provide support and grip on your pedals which is especially great for long distance cycling as it will contribute to keeping up a fast pace .

Do I have to take cycling seriously?

Cycling is for everyone, no matter your fitness level. You can ride at your own pace, at your own distance whether you’re commuting to work or just simply riding to the shops.