Milspin MYSTERY Glock Slide Back Plate (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

Milspin MYSTERY Glock Slide Back Plate (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)

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You are ordering a MYSTERY back plate. We have unsold inventory and this is an opportunity for you to purchase back plates at a severely discounted rate. The catch, we decide what color and design you will be getting. You can select your Glock model, and you can make suggestions in the "notes" section at checkout, but we do not guarantee you will get what you ask for. We will do our best to find the closest match in our unsold inventory.

These are NOT blemished or defective.  

Discounts not applicable to this product.


*Standard Model fits ALL Glock models of all generations EXCEPT the Glock 42, G43, G43X, and G48. 

*Glock 42 Model only fits the Glock 42

Precision machined and meticulously engraved with our industrial CNC mills, the Milspin Slide Back Plates are a premium upgrade to the Glock lineup.

As with all of our products, we only use CNC vertical mills to engrave our finished products. CNC milled engravings take special care, skill, and time to produce but the final product is an elegant, three-dimensional engraving unmatched in both quality and durability and sure to last a lifetime. 

Material:  Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium


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