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MILSPIN Magazine Base Plate Window Breaker (Patent Pending)

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Imagine you’re in an accident, and your door is jammed. You need to break the window to get out. A window breaker tool for shattering glass is the fastest and easiest option, and your hearing will be glad you didn’t try to shoot your way out. That’s what the Window Breaker base plate is for!  It’s a tungsten bead pressed and elevated away from the weapon to provide maximum shatter and impact distribution. Install our baseplate on a spare mag and eliminate the need to carry an additional item on your daily loadout.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1.8 oz

Benefits of This Window Breaker Tool

  • Easy to install
  • Machined out of a solid block of stainless steel
  • Sleek design that provides comfort while carrying the firearm inside the waistband
  • Designed for maximum impact distribution and shatter effect on any type of glass
  • Extended base to make magazine changes easier
  • Ergonomic design to ensure superior comfort when inserting magazines into your Glock with the palm of your hand

This self-defense window breakertool is also a part of the MILSPIN Express collection. We will ship it within 24 hours of you placing an order for it.

Standard Model fits the following Glock models: 17, 17L, 18, 19, 19X, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 34, 35, 45

Glock 43X/48 Magazine Base Plate will fit the models: 43X, 48

Why You Can Count On MILSPIN

Since 2017, MILSPIN has specialized in providing gun owners with a variety of high-end swag and accessories, such as Glock slide back plates, magazine extensions, and so much more. We create every product we sell in the USA at our metal fabrication shop in Columbus, OH and strive to provide our customers with the premium quality and craftsmanship they deserve. That’s why we don’t have any problem offering you a 100% no-questions-asked return policy on all our products.


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Customer Reviews

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Get a few !

I put one on my EDC 43x, the weight feels fantastic ! Zero snag issues and it helps mag drop free.

Jimmy S
Very solid with nice weight

I purchased one of these a couple years back. Installation was simple using a glock mag plate removal tool and reusing the original factory spring. The added weight gives you better mag drop capability, which decreases the chances of a mag hanging up in the well. Overall the Milspin window breaker is solid and even though I haven’t “used” it, I’m confident it will serve its purpose well. Just make absolutely sure your trigger finger is either extended along the slide or do a full four finger death grip on the pistol handle prior to striking. This will lessen the likelihood of a ND and possibly shooting yourself or a bystander. Situational awareness and the 7Ps…Proper Prior Practice Prevents Piss-Poor Performances. Learn it, embrace it, and love it.

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