Milspin custom engraved Harley Davidson Derby Covers

Custom Harley Davidson Derby Cover (All Emblems)

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Note: This is a new product and images of engravings are limited. We offer nearly 1000 different engraving options and can not economically create products displaying every image right out of the gate. As they are ordered, we will upload new photos. We offer a no questions asked full refund policy to alleviate any concerns when ordering (we'll even pay to ship it back if it is our fault or you are not satisfied with it). The majority of the engravings are based off standard military insignia, however, if you have concerns as to what the engraving is based off of, send us an email at and we will send you the image it is based off of. Also, we can add custom text around the insignia if desired, just write what you'd like in the "notes" section at checkout. Please be detailed in your request so there is no confusion. Thank you for your understanding, we greatly appreciate your order to help us build up our catalog of engraving photos.

Precision machined and meticulously engraved with our industrial CNC mills, the Milspin Derby Covers for Harley Davidson Motorcycles are a premium upgrade to your bike.

As with all of our products, we only use CNC vertical mills to engrave our finished products. CNC milled engravings take special care, skill, and time to produce but the final product is an elegant, three-dimensional engraving unmatched in both quality and durability and sure to last a lifetime.

Material: Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum. Bolts not included.

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