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Starbucks/Milspin Collaboration

Starbucks/Milspin Collaboration

Over the past several months, Starbucks and Milspin have been working together to create branded hats and custom marketing materials promoting the Starbucks Armed Forces Network and their efforts to hire and support veterans around the Globe.

Tactical Physics with MILSPIN

Chet discusses the physics behind a free floating barrel on a precision sniper rifle.

MilSpin: A Heavy Duty Profile In American Innovation

MilSpin: A Heavy Duty Profile In American Innovation

Milspin Destroys Imported Garbage

Milspin products absolutely annihilate cheap Chinese imported products.

Weapons of Opportunity

Chet discusses the many tools he likes to keep handy around the Milspin shop.

Magazine Plate Manufacturing

A quick glimpse into what goes into manufacturing our magazine base plates.