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Milspin premium metal products manufactured in the USAMilspin premium metal products manufactured in the USA
Manufacturing Is Not Dead in America, It's Just Been Reborn

Manufacturing Is Not Dead in America, It's Just Been Reborn

Manufacturing is not dead in the United States, it’s not even dying; It’s just been reborn. People are tired of the mass produced low quality crap products that started flooding store shelves a couple decades ago: shipped to our shores in a giant container with a hundred thousand other units, 75% of which have never even been touched by human hands. They want products that are made with effort, with care, that someone put their time into and thought about and looked at with scrutiny; improved and re-improved to the point of perfection. And the kicker is, they're actually willing to pay top dollar for genuine quality.

I first started noticing the trend with the craft beer industry which absolutely exploded a few years back. Restaurants started making a shift to offering local organic food as patrons wanted to know where their food was coming from. People are buying their furniture hand made by artists, buying their clothes from online stores that actually answer emails. America has spoken. We are done buying crap goods. The realization lead my brother and I to jump into the manufacturing business. We began with industrial supplies, manufacturing bracketry and shafts. We landed some large clients, and learned the ins and outs of different manufacturing technologies. When the machines weren't making industrial supplies, we started making retail products. We built a brand that has out grown our business to business ventures ten fold, and we owe it all to recognizing that the "buy local" ethos is not just limited to beer and restaurants.

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