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Milspin premium metal products manufactured in the USAMilspin premium metal products manufactured in the USA
Increase Your Capacity and Lethality with a Glock Magazine Extension

Increase Your Capacity and Lethality with a Glock Magazine Extension

A mag extension is one of the most popular customizations for pistol shooters—concealed carry, home defense, and other applications certainly warrant extended capacity.

In this guide, we’re breaking down why you should consider adding a mag extension to your Glock and noting some of the best Glock magazine extensions on the market today. But the best choice is the one that offers the perfect balance of grip support, increased capacity, and (if applicable) concealability.

Why Add a Mag Extension to Your Glock?

There are two main reasons why shooters may consider customizing their Glock magazines with extensions:

  1. Increased capacity – Simply put, more rounds equals more chances to neutralize your target. In a concealed carry or home defense scenario, every opportunity counts—why not increase your odds by adding more rounds?
  2. Increased comfort – For shooters with larger hands looking to shoot a compact or subcompact pistol, limited grip space can compromise comfort and (more importantly) a stable, confident hold on your gun. Mag extensions also offer a grip extension opportunity to increase potential handhold space.

close-up of a Glock magazine extension

What is the Best Glock Magazine Extension?

The best Glock magazine extension is one that offers the shooter the right balance of three elements:

  1. Boosted capacity
  2. Grip comfort
  3. Concealability (if applicable)

In addition, Glocksmiths should only consider products that meet the criteria of their jurisdiction’s magazine capacity regulations.

Here are some product highlights from MILSPIN’s collection of high-quality, American-made mag extensions:

MILSPIN vs Competitors extension infographic

MILSPIN: Your Home for American-Made Mag Extensions and More

At the end of the day, a magazine extension for your Glock is a superior tool for both a capacity increase and improved grip support. What’s not to like about more rounds and more grip space?

But while shopping for an aftermarket extension, you’ll likely observe something about today’s product offerings: the market is full of low-quality, cheap options that won’t be ultra-reliable—and for concealed carry and home defense shooters, reliability is an absolute must.

If you’re looking for American-made Glock mag extensions made by Americans for Americans, turn to MILSPIN. We’re changing the game in the aftermarket Glock parts market and giving the finger to today’s crappy manufacturing practices: all of our products are made from the highest quality American metals and built with pride by expert craftsmen. Not to mention that our designs are engineering-informed and created by passionate shooters.

MILSPIN is your top source for the best Glock magazine extensions on today’s market—check out our collection now.


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