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Save A Warrior Serialized Spinner

Save A Warrior Serialized Spinner

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20% of all sales will be donated to Save A Warrior

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  • Frontside Engravings: "Warrior Village Fund" with unique serial #, Save A Warrior logo, American Flag
  • Backside Engravings: None or Custom (Select 3 Emblems Above)
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 3.25oz
  • Finish: Stonewashed or Titan
  • Bearing Type: 608zz
  • Bearing Caps: Stonewashed Brass or Stainless Steel


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Our "Why"

Everything we do at Save A Warrior™ challenges conventional thinking. The way in which we challenge the idea of Veteran suicide is so novel and inspiring, it connects the lives of all who are transformed from having shared in this original healing experience. Since 2012, hundreds who have completed the Save A Warrior™ program proclaim how our "unique approach to ordinary"... saved their life. With your support, one day hundreds will become thousands.

Who We Are:

Save A Warrior™ is an original, Warrior-led, well-grounded and timeless journey for active duty Service Members, returning Veterans and First Responders who feel deeply and desperately alone. “SAW’s” evidence- based, award winning, integrative intensive retreat (IIR) model is the first of its kind. Our dedicated team consists of Veterans, First Responders and Warriors who believe that the only people that can save Veterans – are Veterans; that the only people that can save us – is us. However, this is only possible with your financial support. Save A Warrior specializes in serving those who have made it their life’s mission to serve others. In the words of one of our alumni: "There is nothing else like this. I was in tears, because the human spirit, the dignity, the love, coming from the SAW Shepherds is astounding."     - Raychad V. (SAW Cohort 007)


Our Goal: Acquire Warrior Village in Central Ohio:

There is a retreat facility in Newark, Ohio that is ideal for Save A Warrior to significantly expand our service offerings. We’re calling it ‘Warrior Village’. Through your support, our shared dream can become a reality.

Your purchase of this “American Made,” one-of-a-kind, military-grade fidget spinner is a hand-held reminder of your commitment to ending Veteran suicide. Please act now to receive a low serial numbered spinner as these are fast becoming must have collector’s items.