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[Limited Edition Titan Finish] Custom Engraved Navy Stainless Steel Spinner (Select 6 emblems)

[Limited Edition Titan Finish] Custom Engraved Navy Stainless Steel Spinner (Select 6 emblems)

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After weeks of trial and error with our brand new industrial heat treating oven, we have perfected a heating and quenching cycle to achieve the ultimate thermally tinted finish.

Our process begins with machining the basic shape from a solid block of 304 Stainless Steel. The part then gets bead blasted until a matte, textured surface finish is achieved. Next, we CNC engrave through the matte textured surface, leaving a glistening engraving in the path of the cutting tool that reflects light like the shine off a poorly positioned sniper scope. 

After a deep clean, the part enters an industrial oven where it goes through a heating cycle which creates the distinctive thermal tint.

It took us hundreds of attempts to zero in on the perfect cycle time, optimal temperature, and necessary quenching medium to attain the golden glow that you see pictured here. The Titan Finish is a premium upgrade that requires special care and attention to bring out.

Don't see the emblem you're looking for? Contact us and we'll make it happen.


  • Engravings: Custom
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Weight: 3.25oz
  • Finish: Stonewashed, Thermal Tint
  • Bearing Type: 608zz
  • Bearing Caps: Stonewashed Brass

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