Milspin 'Enjoy Capitalism' T-Shirt

Milspin 'Enjoy Capitalism' T-Shirt

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The Coca-Cola based "Enjoy Capitalism" design is Milspin's answer to the rising amount of pro-socialism (pro-communism, actually) talk taking place around the country. Socialism sucks unless you are a lazy turd, then it's great. 

For the rest of us that take pride in working and earning more than the bare minimum, Capitalism is king. Enjoy your freedoms, and enjoy being paid every dime you're worth; Enjoy Capitalism - the greatest economic system in history that rewards hard work and dedication. Capitalism is why this great company exists in this great country.

Milspin shirts are proudly printed in Columbus, Ohio

Color: Red T-Shirt, White Print

T-Shirt Specs:
  • 100 ctn
  • Tearaway label