Milspin Symbol of Life Nature Nail Yard

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MILSPIN NATURE NAILS are the newest addition to our Home and Lawn series of products. Adding style, a story to tell or a touch of the wild to your home. The silhouette of this new product is breathtaking and will add a certain charm to your property that might have been missing before. MILSPIN NATURE NAILS are cut from high quality 14 gauge American Steel, built to last and to brave any weather conditions you may find. Each piece is cut from hot rolled steel slabs on the Milspin Arc Max 5x10, this metal work of art is 100% American and Veteran made with care. Each piece is born from the Milspin Factory in Columbus, Ohio. 

Finish: Brushed mild steel.

These pieces are intended to rust with the weather and result in a more natural appearance. 

14 gauge Steel