Milspin REAL/FAKE Gaiter (Patent Pending)

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Introducing our all-new, patent pending "Real/Fake Gaiter.”

Our gaiter was designed to be the all-in-one face covering option suitable for any situation. Feel the need to wear a "real" mask going to your 101-year-old grandma’s house to give her a hug at her birthday party? Use the “real” side. Need to go to Wally World at midnight, but don’t want to get attacked by Karens from 100 feet away from every direction, at midnight, with nobody else even remotely close to you, but you still want to breathe, and not have your glasses fog up? Use the “fake” side.

The Real/Fake Gaiter is constructed with an ultra-breathable mesh on one half, and a denser, stretchable micro-fiber material on the other half.

This patent pending design allows the wearer to change the face covering style from a protective, lightweight “real” mask material to the ultra-breathable “fake mask” mesh by simply rotating the gaiter 180 degrees.

Materials: Cotton/ Polyester/ Spandex