Milspin Surface Warfare Enlisted Custom Grill Grate 1/4" Thick

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The man at the BBQ grill is the closest thing there is to a King in the United States, and Milspin Custom Grill Grates are the crown jewels. Your custom grill grate is cut from a 1/4" thick sheet of hot rolled steel with maximum heat transfer properties from grill to food, and heat storage within the slats. Each piece is hand ground past its mil scale layer exposing bare steel that can be seasoned like traditional cast iron cookware.

Milspin Grill Grates are packaged with a light coat of vegetable oil applied to the grate, and sealed in clear plastic for protection in transport.

How to Season Your Milspin Custom Grill Grate: 

  1. Wash your grate with soap and water. Dry well. 
  2. Apply cooking oil to all sides of your grate. PAM will work as well. 
  3. Remove excess drips with a paper towel, but make sure all surfaces are coated.
  4. Pre-heat your grill to approximately 350 degrees. Heat grate for 2-3 hours. Add a light coat of cooking oil about every 30 minutes. This, along with regular use, will ensure that your grate does not develop rust. 
  5. Clean excess food and apply a light coat of oil after each use.