Milspin Patriotic Metal & Velcro Morale Patch (Over 100 Emblems)

Milspin Patriotic Metal & Velcro Morale Patch (Over 100 Emblems)

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Whether you’re using our patches for recreational or operational purposes, these bad boys will hold up in any environment. 

We engrave this 20 gauge plate and secure it in place onto adhesive backed Velcro and use four industrial strength rivets. 

Some say we're overdoing it. We say they don't rate to wear our indestructible patches.


  • Patch Thickness: 1/16"
  • Patch Material: Stainless steel or brass plate fixed to Velcro
  • TITAN Finish: After weeks of trial and error with our industrial heat treating oven, we have perfected a heating and quenching cycle to achieve the ultimate thermally tinted finish. It took us hundreds of attempts to zero in on the perfect cycle time, optimal temperature, and necessary quenching medium to attain the golden glow that you see pictured here. The Titan Finish is a premium feature that requires special care and attention to bring out.