Milspin Zero Shits Coin

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Some days you just no longer give a shit and people should know it. The Milspin Zero Shits Coin is your opportunity to let someone know in epic fashion that you don't give a single shit about it.

Here's a list of things Milspin doesn't give a shit about (Please note that things you should not give a shit about are entirely up to you, and they are not limited in any way to Milspin's list, although these are highly recommended):

  • Anyone who kneels for our flag.
  • People talking about the weather. Just stop it. Everyone knows rain sucks.
  • Celebrity news. We give zero shits. Live your own life.
  • Tax increases. Seriously, do not get us started on taxes.

****If you present a Milspin Zero Shits Coin to someone, please email the story to so that we can drink beer and read it out loud to the Milspin team****

1.5" diameter, polished silver finish with bead blasted background for high contrast. 

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