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Milspin premium metal products manufactured in the USAMilspin premium metal products manufactured in the USA
Fu*k Sean

Fu*k Sean

A couple of years ago we had a customer place an online order for a custom back plate that said "Fuck the Police"

We politely cancelled the order and refunded the money in full.

The below screenshots are how the rest of the events unfolded. Enjoy! 

When we first released these screenshots in 2019, both our Google and Facebook ratings plummeted to 2 stars. We received countless death threats, and people tied up our customer service phone lines for a week straight with anger and hate lol. 


Thank you to all Law Enforcement for everything you do. We'll always stand behind you. 



Sean's reply to us....


Our customer service's reply to Sean after taking our comments literally when mentioning the issue haha...


38 comments on Fu*k Sean
  • Stephen E Belcher
    Stephen E Belcher
    I just placed an order after seeing you on Newsmax. I live in Croton, just NE of Johnstown Ohio. I had never heard of your company. Now I Have! I stopped giving money to Republican political organizations, even the RNC, because I did not believe it was a good use of my money. I have started to use the money, I use to spend every year, on Good Americans instead. The money I spend on people and business’s that love this Country and through their actions, improve this Country, is money very well spent! I do hope you dump PayPal. This, I think, is the only way to save this Country. Stop supporting these Anti-American business’s! Stop watching shows and movies the showcase people that hate us and the communities we love! Support those around us that love who we are, those that debate us and challenge us to be better persons, those that have a common goal to improve us, not destroy us. By taking actions like this, actually greatly improves ones state of mind. Let’s move past those that are holding us back. We don’t really need them to move into the future! Milspin, The Best of Luck to You!
    December 19, 2022
  • Dareck

    AWESOME !!!

    December 19, 2022
  • Frank From Flint
    Frank From Flint

    Oh, yeah! I remember this dickwad. Fuck Sean for giving you guys a hard time. Now the name of the sale makes sense. Boo Hoo! I can’t have my way all the time, so I’m going to whine about it. Suck It Up Princess. Sean needs to take some advice from “Chopper” Read and Harden The Fuck Up! I have no love for the police because many are real assholes and a few of them didn’t treat me right. Like one who pulled me over and was swearing while asking me what I was trying to do when I went through a green light and almost hit the van that turned left in front of me. He sat across the road from the guy who ran the red light and “saw everything” but pulled me over and not the other guy. ???

    But some cops are just regular folks doing a thankless job for low wages. A lot like the military. Go Army! Go away, I’m done. I try to judge people as individuals even though my experience with the police is just cause for prejudice. I treat them the way I would like to be treated. That’s The Golden Rule. If I disrespected them with a license plate or big sign that said Fuck The Police, I wouldn’t be a hypocrite and demand their respect when I ask them for help. That’s the kind of thing the Loony Left does. Fuck them. I think Sean would do the same thing. Fuck Sean again, and FJB. The FJB metal auto badges look GREAT by the way.

    December 19, 2022
  • Ignacio Noel
    Ignacio Noel

    Sean, screw you, you know where

    December 19, 2022
  • Wendy

    You guys are awesome! Not many people or businesses would have the balls to do what you did nor would they risk their business standing up to someone like that! I give you all a big hug for standing up to assholes like! And reminding all of us that the men and women protecting us here in our cities or abroad, are important to all of us! Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

    December 19, 2022
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